Customised exercise, nutrition and mindset solutions aka THE A.M.P Method by trainer James Roberts: a 2 time Paralympian.

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I’ll get to the point…I can 100% guarantee to help you lose 10-30 lbs in 90 days without living in the gym or doing a crazy restrictive diet so you are happier, look amazing and have more self-confidence.

The fact is, most people float along in their comfort zone just being average.

– Making little to no impact
– Living inside their means
– Most have NO confidence, to be honest
– Portraying a perfect life to “compete.”
– Living in “hope” that their life will change
– Tell themselves “it’s part of the lifestyle.”

I can tell you first hand; you exist within a broken system and dream.

Even getting “MORE materialistic things” don’t help (it never will either).

Chances are you are a great person. You deliver exceptional results in the workplace/sporting arena, and your family and friends (at least the committed ones) sing your praises.

However, I bet you even resent those people because they won’t tell you the truth instead of what they think you want to hear every day.

I could write any number of pages in your journal. You wouldn’t know it was me. I KNOW YOU because I used to exist in the same manner.

– Scratching for confidence
– Spending hours on social media hoping for replies/likes/comments
– Compromising sleep
– Comparing with others
– Saying yes to all the “energy vampire” people

Now, what we do ISN’T for everyone.

Can you say YES! to these?

*Do you want to feel more confident in your body?
*Do you want to get rid of self-doubt?
*Do you want more energy?
*Do you want to banish binge eating?
*You don’t want to start another diet?
*Do you want to enjoy clothes shopping?
*Do you want long-lasting results?
*Are you willing to be held accountable?
*Will you work on your “weak” areas every day?

If you said YES! to all of the above, we want to speak with you.

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