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Customised health solutions by trainer James Roberts: a 2 time Paralympian.

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Losing weight and getting in incredible shape is never easy, but when you’re someone who has an important career path to maintain, a mountain of responsibility, and who needs to be firing on all cylinders, all the time, it’s even tougher.

Going the traditional route that the fitness magazines prescribe simply doesn’t cut it.

They suggest doing hours of cardio, diets that are dangerously low in calories, and giving up all your favourite foods.

Not only is this method outdated and defunct, but even if it did work, the results it could have on your professional life would be catastrophic.

Mid-afternoon energy crashes, brain fog, overwhelming tiredness, and having to base your career around the gym and preparing meals.

I’ve seen many people try this approach, and it always ends badly. They do the work and put in the effort, but their results come to a shuddering halt, and they find it simply isn’t a sustainable way to live, let alone function on a day-to-day basis.

But that’s why I do things differently to other ‘fitness coaches.’ For me, it’s not all about punishing workout schedules …

Neither is it about removing everything that tastes good from your diet …

This doesn’t work for you, and it doesn’t work for me. I specialise in helping amputees to get into the shape of their lives, with as little stress and effort as possible, and make sure your fat loss success matches that of your career.

This system isn’t one you can pick up in a copy of Men’s Health or Men’s Fitness etc… though. Instead, it’s been refined over 10 years of training clients, 50K+ invested in personal development, and an entire career as an Olympic athlete.

It’s bespoke. It’s exclusive. But it gets results. Period.

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