Doping: Frustrations among clean athletes

This is quite a good topic for discussion at this present time with the Rio Olympics and Paralympics coming up in the next few weeks and the Russians making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.


As a former elite athlete myself, I think it’s good that they are starting to give out harsher penalties to drug cheats. I read a BBC Sports post this afternoon stating that the IOC (International Olympic Commitee) have not banned the whole Russian team from the Olympics.

I believe this to be a mistake as they had a chance to fire a warning shot across  the bows of any athlete thinking of doping (performance enhancing,  diuretics, etc.). However, they have passed the buck to each sporting governing body to decide whether each individual athlete can compete.


I know first hand what clean athletes have to do, jumping through hoops to comply with the rules. Many of these athletes have to give one hr each day and specific location of their whereabouts 365 days a year even when on holiday (out of competition testing).


So it’s a bit disheartening to see that the IOC have taken this particular stance .  Echoed today by a few athletes that I know posting similar comments on Facebook .


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