Interview with Dan Highcock: Online training, nutrition coach, Paralympic and pro wheelchair basketball player

In this latest blog, I caught up with Dan Highcock who is now an online training, nutrition coach as well as being a professional wheelchair basketball player in Spain. Not only that Dan and I also competed alongside each other at London 2012 for ParalympicsGB, though not in the same sport.

For Dan having the discipline and mindset to go and push yourself to your absolute limits, way out of your comfort zone is a great preparation for anything that life throws at you. When you feel like giving up, you don’t, you keep pushing on and come out stronger on the other side!


Dan had a motorbike accident at the age of 5, destroying his hip and pelvis leaving him with a condition called avascular necrosis of the hip, this condition is getting worse with age. Doctors and surgeons alike told his mother that he would never walk again and he was in the hospital for well over 6 months.


Some of his earliest memories were being in school in his wheelchair and watching all the other kids playing football (soccer), playing around and having fun. “I wanted to do the same but couldn’t,” Dan said.

“I remember trying to stand up and take steps around the chair at home holding onto the side when my mum went out the room… This was and still is my mentality… Screw what people say I can’t-do… If I want to do it I’m gonna do it! This progressed into me using an exercise bike after school when I was 13 years old, telling my mother that I was involved in after-school clubs as she would have gone crazy if she would have found out.”

Very quickly Dan’s leg got stronger and started to develop and this was around the same time he started to play wheelchair basketball.

“In my chosen sport I have failed and been knocked down more times than I care to remember but I still have goals to achieve which is what keeps me going and every time I come out the other side I learned a little more about myself and this strengthens my character.”


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PS: To hear more about Dan’s story check out my podcast with him. Furthermore, Dan has recently released a new book called Zero Assistance Resistance Training, a 100% wheelchair based workout programme.


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