Mind Set Game #5: State of mind with Dr Emma Kirke

Emma began the MedicinalKitchen concept as a consequence of her own journey to health, overcoming the consequences of permanent spine and nerve damage and a diagnosis of breast cancer. She has battled through eating disorders and 7 stone weight loss and she wished to use it as a platform to show people that eating healthy can be enjoyable, uncomplicated and easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle such as her own. She also hoped that those following would take positivity and realise they could take some control back for themselves in their fight for health insight of whatever condition they may have by manipulating their food and fitness to have a positive impact.

Emotional and mental health is equally as important as the physical. Following her appointment as a trustee for the mental health charity State of Mind in Sport, she wrote a recipe book dedicated to improving symptoms associated with stress, depression and anxiety.

“My aim is to promote everyday health and a nourishing lifestyle that can be sustained and viewed as a balanced system that eliminates the existence of a perpetual ‘diet’.”

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Should we focus more the mental side of things to solve a habitual problem?
  • Tips for improving self-confidence?
  • What is “perfection”?
  • Is bodybuilding to blame for the people thinking of perfection?
  • How did your involvement with State of Mind Sport come about?
  • What are some the warning sign of someone spiralling out of control?
  • The elite athlete is indestructible
  • Food health related to stress & anxiety assistance
  • Taking back control with positivity

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