Mind Set Game #54: Explore the unknown unknowns with John Register

In today’s episode of the Mind Set Game Podcast, I sat down with John Register. John won the Paralympic silver medal just 6 years after having his left leg amputated. A world-class athlete who qualified for two Olympic Trials, and a prospect for Army Officer School, John was on the successful career path.

The injury temporarily halted his career until he found his new normal. He qualified for two Paralympic Games and won the Paralympic Long Jump Silver Medal in Sydney, Australia while setting the American record in the process.

He founded the United States Olympic Committee Paralympic Military Sports Program which shows wounded, ill, and injured veterans how to use sport as a tool for their rehabilitation. Continue reading “Mind Set Game #54: Explore the unknown unknowns with John Register”

Mind Set Game #49: Miracle Man with Brett Parks

In today’s episode of the Mind Set Game Podcast, I sat down with Brett Parks.

Brett is hopeful of competing at the 2020 Paralympics Games in Tokyo, Japan. However, before starting on his Paralympic Journey, Brett didn’t expect to face death when he went to meet a client for his personal training business. But when he heard someone yell for help, he ran to stop a robbery and got shot in the process. The bullet destroyed several inches of his inferior vena cava, the largest vein in the body, which is critical to bring blood to the heart.

He was rushed to the UF Health Jacksonville Trauma Center, where he would lose more than double the average person’s blood volume in the hours that followed. He later lost a kidney, part of his colon and part of his leg. But against all the odds, he survived and became known as the “Miracle Man.” Continue reading “Mind Set Game #49: Miracle Man with Brett Parks”

Do you suffer from a bad back?

Who suffers from them?

Do you do anything to keep your lower back healthy as this is paramount fit longevity to both amputees and able-bodied individuals alike?

I originally spoke about this issue in my strength and conditioning series for leg amputees: the top 3 upper body issues faced by leg amputees. Having under active bum muscles is going to lead down a very slippery slope, causing tightness of the hips, over-activation of the thigh muscles, tightness and over-activation of the lower back and excess belly fat and/or weak abdominal muscles.

Worst case scenario this will cause an anterior tilt of the pelvis (backside protruding out more so than normal and stomach bulging) causing lumbar lordosis.

Tightness in the QL muscles (located in the lower back) is caused by sitting unevenly and/or bad posture or hip hiking during walking which is all too common in some amputees.

*Do’s and don’ts when stretching the muscle tissue of the QL. It’s not a good idea to foam roller your lower back. Instead, use a yoga stretch called the pigeon to stretch not only the hips but also the lower back.

Actionable steps: Ways to correct this would involve improving your posture, nutrition and exercise.

Exercise would include:
– Squats

– Hip thrusts/glute bridge

– impaired side leg extensions (leg raises and leg lifts)
* leg lifts on your stomach focusing the mind/muscle connection with your bum, stop your reps when you feel your back is taking over the exercise.



Chris Beardsley (Google ScholarResearchGate) is the Managing Director of S&C Research, a reviewer and contributor to the online encyclopaedia, and a contributor to the monthly research review.


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Top 5 tips to improve your training

As someone with a disability, I know full well it can be tough sometimes to get the best out of your training. These are some of the ways you can make your training that little bit easier. With these 5 simple tips you will get more out of your training.

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Interview with injured serviceman Corrie Mapp

He was injured in Afghanistan on January 31st 2010 by an Improvised explosive (IED) and subsequently became a double amputee.

He now takes part in five different sports and of those competes in two of them at elite level. His sports are Para-Bobsleigh, Sitting Volleyball, Cricket, golf and track. He is currently ranked #2 in the world at Para-Bob.

I first meet Corrie at a GB Sitting Volleyball training camp back in 2010 not long after his injury. Continue reading “Interview with injured serviceman Corrie Mapp”