Look fab in a flash

Are you ready for a full-body reset?

It’s easy to go overboard. In between shopping, enjoying a buzzing social life and coping with deadlines, your diet and fitness regime can get lost – but that’s where this blog comes in!

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Ugly truth of social media

Today, Instagram has over 400 million+ users which are probably why after it was launched seven years ago, it has mutated into an enormity of self-promotion where the more likes a person has, the more prestige and earning power they can command.

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Why do people want that quick fix when it comes to their diet?

Some of the reasons that people want a quick fix:


  • Media/social pressure to have that ‘perfect’ body
  • look like your skinnier/leaner/more muscly friend
  • instagratification: ‘fast results and get back to normal’
  • minimum time and effort/maximum results
  • the more extreme diet, the better it is
  • lose a couple of kgs (lbs) a month is not as sexy as losing 15lbs in a month


But why do people that go on diets, most of time regain the weight they lost ?

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Eat well to avoid inflammation

It’s the first line of defence against infection and repairs bodily harm, but there’s another side to inflammation that threatens rather than protects our overall health.

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