Look fab in a flash

Are you ready for a full-body reset?

It’s easy to go overboard. In between shopping, enjoying a buzzing social life and coping with deadlines, your diet and fitness regime can get lost – but that’s where this blog comes in!

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Heal your gut & boost your health

New research shows your intestinal flora affects everything from your weight to your happiness. In this blog it is revealed how with a five-step plan you can improve your gut health – and your wellbeing !

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Why do people want that quick fix when it comes to their diet?

Some of the reasons that people want a quick fix:


  • Media/social pressure to have that ‘perfect’ body
  • look like your skinnier/leaner/more muscly friend
  • instagratification: ‘fast results and get back to normal’
  • minimum time and effort/maximum results
  • the more extreme diet, the better it is
  • lose a couple of kgs (lbs) a month is not as sexy as losing 15lbs in a month


But why do people that go on diets, most of time regain the weight they lost ?

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