Should you be eating more…? Plant-based protein

As health and nutrition trends go, getting more plant-based proteins into our diets is right on the money.┬áLeading health bodies, from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to Public Health England (PHE), are championing plant-based protein for health reasons – plus it helps the environment into the bargain.


In the UK we have no problem meeting our daily protein target, with the Reference Intake (RI) set at 50g. In fact, on average, we tuck effortlessly into 75g protein a day. However, almost two-thirds of this is obtained from animal products – red meat and poultry account for 38% of our average intake, dairy products and eggs 16% and fish 8%.

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Is there such thing as a perfect diet ?

In the July 2015 issue of the Healthy Food Guide, they did an article on: Is there a perfect diet ?


Tempted by the paleo diet or know a few fans of the 5:2? This guide to what’s bad and downright ridiculous will help you find the best healthy eating plan for you.

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