Mind Set Game #38: Posture with Blake Bowman

In today’s episode of the Mind Set Game podcast, I sat down with Bake Bowman owner and founder of GuerrillaZen Fitness to discuss posture.

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Look fab in a flash

Are you ready for a full-body reset ?

It’s easy to go overboard. In between shopping, enjoying a buzzing social life and coping with deadlines, your diet and fitness regime can get lost – but that’s where this blog comes in !

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​7 energising yoga moves you can do in bed

All photo credit goes to Sophie Jaffe | Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Maybe you’re someone who likes to get up and do yoga in the morning, or maybe you’re like me and prefer to do a few postures before bedtime.  Either way, doing yoga in bed is fun, relaxing, and it sets the pace for a peaceful, and grounded, next few hours.

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