Mind Set Game #44: The rise of Cardiff Metropolitan University Swimming with Dave Tonge

In today’s episode of the Mind Set Game Podcast, I sat down with Dave Tonge.

Dave has coached the University’s swim team for the past 6 years and has over 15 years experience in coaching and teaching swimming. Additionally, Dave is an ex-swimmer competing for the City of Cardiff under Dave Haller and still holds a Masters Welsh Record. Within the University Dave’s roles include Swimming Performance Director, Sports Facilities Duty Manager as well as a university lecturer. Furthermore, he is a Cardiff Met Alumni with a Master’s degree in Physical Activity and Health. Continue reading “Mind Set Game #44: The rise of Cardiff Metropolitan University Swimming with Dave Tonge”

What’s Your Story: Disability Sport 

This blog is about how disability sport has impacted on my life.


My story starts off a little differently to most other disabled athletes, I was born with a congenital disability called femoral dysplasia of the left leg. I first started out at an Able-bodied swimming club whilst I was living in S.H.A.P.E, Belgium.


I started quite late as a swimmer only taking up the sport at 11. It was one of my coaches that who asked me, “why don’t you try disabled swimming”, I was probably taken aback by that comment, as
I thought “why would I compete with disabled people when I am able within reason to compete with my  able-bodied peers.” Maybe it was me being a typical teenager and not wanting to conform or maybe as I see it now looking back at it, perhaps I was looking down on disability sport.

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