Top 5 tips to improve your training

As someone with a disability, I know full well it can be tough sometimes to get the best out of your training. These are some of the ways you can make your training that little bit easier. With these 5 simple tips you will get more out of your training.

1. Pool buoy and/or kick board (floats)


A great aid not just for people with a disability as the pool boy will gives your lower body that boyouncy you may not normally have in the pool but not only that it is a great tool to strengthen your upper body and core muscles. The kick board will help to strengthen the legs. I’ve included in the link a 2 in 1 pool buoy and kick board, not only saving you money but also space by not having to carry around as much equipment.


2. Fins


Strengthening the legs or leg dependant on your disability and is also a great way to strengthen your impaired leg if you have a disability similar to mine which is femoral displacia as I have foot and not a stump.


3. Towel


This is actual a suggestion I received from one of my client at the gym I worked at in Wrexham, “a great thing to have if you are out and about or even in the gym when your limb becomes a bit sweaty.”


4. Change of sock or liner


Another great tip is to have a change of sock or liner if the weather changes. A thinner one if it gets to hot or a thicker one for when it becomes to cold when you are out and about.

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5. Gel cushion


A definite favourite of mine, as I have found multiple uses for it over my sporting career. I initially bought one to make the long sessions on the rowing machine a bit more comfortable. Lately I use it as booster cushion in wheelchair basketball to level out my glutes as the glute on the impaired side has not developed fully due to the nature of my disability.


PS: I’d love to know if you found these tips helpful a good one to look at would be especially tip #4, hit me up in the comment section or alternatively drop me a message if you would like to know about a few more. I answer every one, just ask. Furthermore these items and many more can be found on my resources page.


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