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I thought I would share my personal issues I had with self-worth/body imagery.

You wouldn’t think I had these issues would you, as I come across as quite the confident person.

However, I did. The 2 incidences that come to mind would be as a teenager and a young child. I’ll go back to the beginning for those of you that might have either not seen or read my story on my website. I was born with a disability called femoral dysplasia of the left as well as having a floating hip.

In all reality, I shouldn’t be able to walk due to the number of bones that I am missing in that leg, however, my parents never told me what the doctors had said to them when I was a young child. So growing up I was no different to any other able bodied child albeit the physical differences. Yes, it probably did take me longer to learn to walk and with the aid of a walker, but I got there in the end.

So now let me get to the first incidence where the issues of body imagery came up would have been when I was a young child, yes I know I was different – but where I struggled I think looking back would have to be able explaining my disability.

The other incidence would have been as a teenager, where I would hide my disability by wearing long trouser in the warmer months of the year instead of shorts. But it hit me one day that the only person I was impacting on was myself.

Yes, society has become obsessed to some degree with what others think of them, I too was probably a victim of that in my younger self.

But what people should really be concerned with is what they think of themselves. Neither of those incidences occurs in my adult life, now I’ll be in shorts all the time weather dependent and I don’t mind people asking questions about my disability.

What others have said:


Alan Caron: “I worked with James in the lead up to the European Championships in 2015. I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it and the training increased my strength and endurance to play wheelchair rugby league for Wales.”


“Before coming to work with James, I was struggling to balance a busy lifestyle with good nutrition and training. I previously always just learned things online through my own research. The results I achieved were that; I was able to have a good understanding of how to have a sustainable plan around a busy lifestyle and the importance of eating the right foods and doing the right exercises. The best thing about training with James was; I was able to ask him any questions literally 24/7 and there were regular interesting nutrition and fitness articles posted on social media. The benefits I’ve enjoyed as a result of working with James are an overall increased knowledge in fitness and nutrition, I tried out more healthy recipes and had the motivation to stick to something more long term.”

“I would say that if you are looking for a great, expert personal service then James is definitely right for you. When looking to make positive lifestyle changes then this really is essential to have a good relationship with your coach, so I would definitely recommend James.” Matt Pyke, former player for British Basketball League’s Cheshire Pheonix.

Here are some transformations that people had following James’ training methods and guidance:

Chris Linnitt: “Before I started working with James, I had had no guidance on nutrition and found it difficult to get motivated. Furthermore, a very long time ago I worked with an able-bodied trainer and that was only for 6 weeks as he let me down. So I somewhat lost trust with the fitness industry; however, James was very professional and courteous on a consultation call to discuss where I was at, what goals I wanted to achieve and in what time frame before even mentioning the price of his services. The results I have achieved whilst working with him are that my muscles have become more toned and I have lost weight at the same time. Furthermore, James has taught me to be mindful and take things slow and steady as opposed to thinking I want this as quick as possible. Keep at the training, it will work eventually. One of the best things since working with him is that more people have been paying me compliments. Additionally, some of the benefits I have felt are that I am feeling a lot healthier, I’m getting fitter with every month that has passed, and my sleeping is much improved.  Work with James, He does what he says and is very reasonably priced.”



David’s 6-week progress. David and I are still working together.



Testimonials from 7-day challenges:

Ali Jones: “Previously, I struggled with food choices and balance, I found I was eating way too many carbs at the wrong times. I’ve tried all the fad diets, none of them works and they are just expensive. The results of working with James is that I lost 4lbs on the 7-day challenge, and the best thing about it was I was able to make the choices on what to eat and the times that suit me too, thus making me feel in control. Some of the benefits; I’ve enjoyed eating better, sleeping better and I was better at my job as I didn’t feel lethargic or tired at any point. I would recommend people to you as you know what you’re talking about and have qualifications to back up your knowledge and I like that you use peer-reviewed articles, it’s proven by science, not a celebrity. You were there 100% of the time for the support and no question was ever deemed a stupid question.”

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