Customised exercise, nutrition and mindset solutions aka THE A.M.P Method by trainer James Roberts: a 2 time Paralympian.

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Are you an awesome amputee that is struggling constantly with your diet yo-yoing from one to the next?

And you’re unsure why “YOU” can’t get the amazing results that you see your colleagues, friends and family achieving?

My name is James Roberts and I teach AMPUTEES how to lose 10 – 30 lbs in 90 days or less whilst eating the foods they love.

I’d love to invite you to a call with me personally, where you will learn how to;

  • Diet without the conventional restrictions and feel GREAT about it

  • Implement our “A.M.P Method”

  • Prove to yourself and others that you can achieve the lifestyle of your deams.

What Others Are Saying

"Before I started working with James, I had had no guidance on nutrition and found it difficult to get motivated. Furthermore, a very long time ago I worked with an able-bodied trainer and that was only for 6 weeks as he let me down. So I somewhat lost trust with the fitness industry. But one of the best things since working with him is that more people have been paying me compliments and my sleeping is much improved."
Chris L.
"James helped me lose 30lbs in 12 weeks"
Heather S.

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Come join a growing movement of amputees changing their lives by creating a lifestyle of their dreams!

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