Using technology to lose weight, get fit or manage a healthier lifestyle could be that extra spur you need. I scoured the charts to find the apps that really work.

FoodSwitch UK

In a nutshell…


a healthy-food swap guru


Download it if….


nutrition labels confuse you


A brilliant shopping companion that scans a product’s barcode and shows you if there’s a healthier alternative. It displays traffic light symbols, allowing you to make instant decisions either to leave the item on the shelf or pop it in your basket. The app also includes a SaltSwitch tool to highlight lower-salt alternatives – recommended for those with high blood pressure.



In a nutshell…


GPS activity tracker


Download it if…


stats and PBs keep you motivated


Despite the name, there’s more to this app than running – it covers a range of activities, including cycling, walking (even Nordic walking) and workouts. Suitable for beginners, marathon runners and everyone in between, you can record timings, view your calorie burn, set goals, map routes and even compete with friends. Take in-app pics for those scenic walks or runs to remember.




In a nutshell…


your personal ‘drink up’ coach


Download it if…


you don’t drink enough water


Never sure whether you’ve had your quota ? Aqualert calculates the amount of water you need each day, based on your sex, weight and activity level, then allows you to monitor your intake throughout the day – and nudges when you’re due another sip. You can customise it to your own serving size, too, for a more accurate picture.


Change4Life Sugar Smart


In a nutshell…


a daily sugar calculator


Download it if…


you need help curbing your sweet tooth


Visualising the sugar in your everyday food and drink may sound scary, but this app could help you stick to the recommended limit for added sugar of just seven sugar cubes (around 30g) a day. Scan a product’s barcode to reveal how many total sugars (visualised in the form of sugar cubes) it contains. Remember, some of the sugars in a product may be naturally occurring (not ‘added’), but I found the info surprisingly helpful.


The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout


In a nutshell…


fuss-free HIIT on the go


Download it if….


you’re a time-poor fitness fan


Using classic moves such as jumping jacks, high-knee runs and bicycle crunches, this high intensity interval training (HIIT) app gives you a greater workout in just 7 minutes (or more if you’re keen). Pick and choose your own workouts – we love the smart workout option, which increases exercise intensity as you get fitter. How does it know ? Give every exercise a ‘how tough’ rating as you progress. It’s like a personal trainer in your pocket.




In a nutshell…


the ultimate fuel in/effort out calculator


Download it if…


you need motivation to make healthier choices


This helps you track what you’re eating and how many calories you’re burning. Enter your height, weight and weight-loss goals (such as ‘loose alb a week’) to create a customised plan with daily calorie allowance. A huge database provides nutrition info for meals and snacks, and a barcode scanner makes it easy to access. Sharing your progress with other users at MyFitnessPal is a great incentive to stay on track, too.


PS: I’d love to know if you found these tips helpful, a good one to look at would be especially the Aqualert tip, hit me up in the comment section or alternatively drop me a message if you would like to know about a few more. I answer every email, just ask.


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