Bring an entire amputee population out of the fitness and nutrition wilderness by teaching the tools you will need to create a lifestyle whereby you can stand on your own feet.

This is done two ways with The A.M.P Method.

The first is this site (fitamputee.co.uk). This is where you can come to learn how to, adapt your training, master your diet, prove to yourself and others you have the mindset to succeed, and even check out some of the other people that are using The A.M.P Method to find the lifestyle of their dreams.

But secondly and not forgetting that having a disability myself I completely understand the adversity one can face on a day-to-day basis. Also, I wanted to bridge that gap between disability, nutrition, mindset, mental health and fitness.

Having spent years studying at Swansea University on my degree in Sports Science, gaining my REP’s accreditation in Level 3 Personal Training (incorporating Sports Nutrition) and my time spent as an athlete I look to bring you results and show you everything I spent years learning.

Finally please read:

I don’t see myself as some fitness guru. I’m a coach, I’ve learnt more by listening to and working with people than working against them. I feel that’s the biggest reason those I’ve coached have had so much success, not just with their physique but with their mindset. Together we’ve worked it out, there’s been some ups and downs, but we’ve always got there.

But even if you do need help, you can always reach out and either myself, or someone on my team, will be glad to help. You are our top priority and we’re here to help in any way we can.