Interview with injured serviceman Corrie Mapp

I first meet Corrie at a GB Sitting Volleyball training camp back in 2010 not long after his injury.

Born originally in Bridgetown, Barbados. Corrie moved to the United Kingdom in 2005 to join the Household Cavalry Regiment in the British Army. 

He was injured in Afghanistan on January 31st 2010 by an Improvised explosive (IED) and subsequently became a double amputee.

He now takes part in five different sports and of those competes in two of them at elite level. His sports are Para-Bobsleigh, Sitting Volleyball, Cricket, golf and track. He is currently ranked #2 in the world at Para-Bob.

What does your daily training routine comprise?

“My daily routine comprises of two training sessions a day at the moment as its also helping me through a difficult period in my personal life. I do strength and conditioning with my coach in the gym and then cardio on the track. My strength training consists of box squatting, cleans, push press, leg press and dead lifts to name a few.” Corrie told me.

“I also do exercises that are designed to correct inefficient functions my body has. It can be a hard and lonely road to walk but I love it and it keeps me going. Sport as a whole gives me something to look forward to and keeps me mentally and physically driven.”

So tell me a bit more about you competing in the Invictus Games ?

“I was a part of the team in both London 2014 and Orlando 2016, and got a gold in London and a silver in Orlando for sitting volleyball. I also did the 100 m in track and field. I intend to apply for Canada, Australia and back home in the UK in the future.”

How does the training between sitting volleyball, track and bobsleigh differentiate?

“They all interlink to be honest. Volleyball is very much upper body and core. Bobsleigh is explosive leg and total body power as well as sprint ability and mental endurance.”

You have competed at 2 Invictus Games now, is the ultimate goal to compete at the Paralympics?

“Yeah !!! Winter Paralympics definitely.”

Which do you prefer, being apart of a team or competing as an individual?

“Individual mostly, it’s easier to focus on you personally in an individual sport.”

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