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It’s easy to go overboard. In between shopping, enjoying a buzzing social life and coping with deadlines, your diet and fitness regime can get lost – but that’s where this blog comes in!


Those chunky winter layers may have been hiding a multitude of sins, but with summer coming means stripping off the jumpers and slipping in your LBD (little black dress) or bikini/swimwear for the women and your boardies/speedos (swimwear for the guys) – so it’s important that you feel good about your body. The average person can gain up to half a stone due to the abundance of high-calorie, indulgent foods.

I’m all for clean eating, but there’s no denying that it can be at times hard to stay on the straight and narrow. Thankfully, with a few sneaky tricks and some careful planning, you don’t have to push the pause button on your healthy lifestyle. Instead, with these top tips to beat the bulge with minimum effort. We’re talking simple tweaks to your daily routine that take minutes but will give maximum results.

7 simple ways to keep the pounds at bay

  • Have an Epsom salt bath

A soak in the tub could help you feel lighter. Fill your bath with Epsom salts to help to reduce bloating. They are high in magnesium and sulphate, which have detoxifying properties. Both minerals absorb really quickly into the bloodstream, so when added to your bath, they help to eliminate toxins. Magnesium also helps to relax our muscles and calm our nerves and can help to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow.

  • De-bloat for good

There’s no miracle pill for washboard abs, but making some smart food choices can make a massive difference. Asparagus is a great anti-bloating superfood. It acts as a diuretic, which can help relieve water retention due to its potassium content – making it the perfect food for a flat tummy. Yoghurt is also a great tummy-tamer as it’s rich in good bacteria.

  • Stay hangover-free

You know you shouldn’t, but sometimes a drink turns into 4, making you feel rough the following morning. The best cure is to help flush away the toxins caused by alcohol.

In the morning, having a decent breakfast will help to replace some of the lost nutrients that your body used to detoxify the alcohol. Ideally choose poached eggs, because they are rich in cysteine, which is needed to break down acetaldehyde. Add green leafy vegetables, grilled tomatoes and wholegrain bread and load up on water.

  • Freeze leftovers

A thriving social life means you probably won’t be prioritising home cooking, so when you do have spare time, batch-cook so you’ll always have something healthy to reach for. Double up on portions and freeze leftovers for easy access when needed.

  • Perfect your posture

Standing up straight is a simple way to feign a slimmer figure. just standing tall works the deep postural muscles, which hold up against gravity. Remember to lengthen up through the crown of your head and you’ll look taller and slimmer.

  • Stay mindful

Eating equals enjoyment, so instead of shovelling food down without a second thought try to be more aware of your eating habits. Being mindful is a good way to enjoy the odd treat while maintaining your waistline. It will help to prevent over eating, and it’s the best way to normalise portion control for life. Slow down and consciously pay attention to what you’re eating, as this allows your brain to register that you are full.

  • Fill up on protein

Keep appetite controlled by eating little and often during the day and have protein with each meal and snack. If you’ve skipped meals/eaten insufficient protein during the day you’re more likely to feel ravenous by the evening and overindulge in salt; fatty foods and alcohol.

PS: I’d love to know what you thought of the tips, a good tip to look at would especially stay mindful, hit me up in the comment section or alternatively drop me a message. I answer every email, just ask.

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